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Diamonds may be the hardest substance known, but they can crack and chip.  When your diamond has a chip you may think it’s ruined and need to be replaced, but depending on the carat weight of your diamond and the location of the chip, your diamond may be able to be repaired.  Chipped diamonds can be removed from their setting, be recut, and finally polished to its original grandeur.  In most cases, the loss of carat weight is limited, but on rare occasions the damage may either be too severe, or the repair will be cost prohibitive compared to the value of the diamond.
Most gemstone damage occurs to gemstones other than diamonds since every other gemstone is not nearly as hard and resistance to scratches as diamonds.  When this happens, the process is the same to either recut, or polish a gemstone.  Fees for repairing diamonds and gemstones vary depending upon the type of gemstone and carat weight.

At Boyd Jewelers, we will purchase your broken precious metal jewelry, gold teeth, gold & silver coins, diamonds, and gemstones.  Please visit our store during business hours and we will gladly offer you a quote for your jewelry & precious metals


Chipped Diamond & Gemstone Repair

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An appraisal is a document describing your jewelry based on its individual and unique characteristics for the purpose of identification and determining a value.  The value assigned to your jewelry varies depending on the purpose of the appraisal, (i.e. insurance replacement value, estate appraisal, donation appraisal, etc.).  The first step to obtaining insurance coverage for your jewelry is to have your jewelry appraised.  The most common type of appraisal is replacement value.  In the event you experience a theft, loss,  or mysterious experience, your insurance coverage allows for a replacement with a similar piece of jewelry.  
Boyd Jeweler’s licensed Registered Master Valuer (RMV) will carefully document every characteristic that makes your jewelry unique and determine the appropriate appraised value.  We utilize the latest gemological equipment to precisely identify your jewelry.  The fee for this service begins at $75, however, reduced pricing is available for multiple jewelry appraisals.
Not sure of what the gemstone in your jewelry is?  We also offer a Gem Identification service to identify gemstones.  The fee for this service is $35.