Pearl necklaces and bracelets that are worn on a regular basis will also require care and maintenance to assure they keep looking their best and are secure.  Remember that pearls are the last item of jewelry you put on and the first item you take off at the end of your day.  Lotions, perspiration, oils, and perfumes are absorbed into the silk that secures your pearls in place.  Prolonged exposure weakens the silk and causes it to “relax”, lengthening the distance between pearls and their knots.  When this happens, your pearls not only look in need of restringing, but it’s also a warning sign that your pearl necklace is about to break.

Depending on the amount of wear your pearl necklace and/or bracelet receive, simply look for the following to determine if yours needs to be restrung;

Gaps between the pearls.  This means the silk may have stretched to its limit.
The knots between the pearls look fuzzy and/or dirty.  Fuzzy knots means the silk is already tearing.  Dirty knots are a sign of dirt build up and most likely will not come clean with just a cleaning.
Missing knots.  Your necklace or bracelet may have been accidentally stressed and caused a knot to tighten and forced into the hole in the pearl.
Damaged pearls.  Unlike diamonds that can withstand every day wear and tear, pearls are organic and may incur damage by way of chips, scratches, and other mishandling.
Mismatched pearls.  Pearls that develop a buildup of “gunk” may be permanently discolored as a result if not regularly cleaned.

Boyd Jewelers has a GIA trained goldsmith who can professionally repair & restore your jewelry to its original splendor.

Every piece of jewelry being repaired is treated as if it was our very own and since we pride ourselves on having the highest quality of craftsmanship, we guarantee our services for life.  If the jewelry repair we have performed ever fails, Boyd Jewelers will perform the same repair at no additional charge.  Boyd Jewelers will not honor this guarantee if the damage to your jewelry was the result of normal wear & tear, accidental damage, and/or abuse. By having our very own repair facility on site, we can perform your jewelry repairs within the safety of our store and offer you a speedier return of your jewelry.

We never charge a fee to provide you with an estimate to repair or restore your jewelry.  There will be times where an estimate may change, but it is only due to unforeseen circumstances that were not visible during the original estimate, (i.e. ten years of not cleaning a ring was hiding an additional crack that could not have been visible until the piece was thoroughly clean prior to beginning the repair).  Any additional charges to an estimate will always require your approval prior to beginning work.

Boyd Jewelers offers a complementary inspection and cleaning of your jewelry.  During the inspection of your jewelry, our jewelry professional will look to make sure gemstones are secure in their settings and that there are no visible signs of damage.  Should gemstones be found loose in their setting or other needed repairs be identified, we will recommend our repair service and provide you with a free estimate to correct the issues. Cleanings will not be performed on jewelry that is in need of repair so as not to exacerbate the condition of the piece.Type your paragraph here.

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Boyd Jewelers repairs and services most brands of timepieces.  There are timepieces we will recommend returning to the original manufacturer for service due to the superlative inner mechanics of the piece, (i.e. Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, etc.).  There are still other timepieces yet that must be returned to the manufacturer because parts are not available to watchmakers for repairs, (i.e. Timex).  We will personally evaluate your timepiece and offer advice and guidance as to how best get your timepiece running smoothly once again.

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